The initial idea I had was based on how an art school experience enriches lives in so many ways and that we should try and mark the passing of forty years since Derek Butler commissioned Glenn Marshall’s wonderful photo-booth poster advertising our degree show at Newport Museum and Art Gallery in 1980.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to hold this show at Newport and I
would like to thank Newport City Council and in particular Mike Lewis, Barbara Bartl, Oliver Blackmore, Sian Iles and Kevin Barry for all of their work on this project.

I would also like to thank Dr. Peter Wakelin for his interest and involvement in this project and of course all of the exhibitors and contributors.

I wanted this to be as inclusive a project as possible and at its core are a collection of individuals who feature on that original poster. It’s a subjective and personal curation, of people who wanted to get involved and who have embraced the idea warmly.

It was important to me to have also included the work of some of our tutors, which will give you a very clear indication of the diversity and quality of our educators, the people that have been a very special part of our lives.

It’s certainly a diverse cross-section and a wonderful gathering of individuals.
This exposition of their current work and biographies will hopefully give you fascinating insights into how an art education at Newport has influenced and enriched our lives.
You may wish to look deeper and explore the work of the individuals yourselves.
Thank you Newport and here’s to the next forty years!

Neil Carroll
Exhibition Curator

The Tutors   


My sincere thanks go to Mike Lewis and Newport City Council for allowing me to stage this exhibition and to Sian Iles, Oliver Blackmore, Kevin Barry and Barbara Bartl for all of their wonderful help in bringing the whole project together.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Julian Cole for giving so generously of his skills and time to carry out the design and layout of this excellent exhibition booklet for which I shall be eternally grateful.

I would also like to thank Glenn Marshall for taking up the challenge of designing the exhibition poster, invitations, and along with Julian, the booklet cover design,(it was Glenn who designed our original degree poster in 1980) and he has also
given so generously of his time and skills to carry out this wonderful work.

Many thanks to Cathy Cooper for all of her help, support and
encouragement from day one.

Thank you to Dr. Peter Wakelin for his interest and involvement in the project and for coming along to officially open it for us.

Finally my thanks to all of the exhibitors who have responded magnificently to allow me to create this exhibition.


Neil Carroll
Exhibition Curator.