Forty Years On Press Release

A statement by our exhibition curator, Neil Carroll, and a set of assorted biographies of artists.

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40 Years On Press Release - Statement

Forty Years On Exhibition Booklet

Our exhibition booklet, featuring biographies of all our artists.

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‘No More Worlds To Conquer’ – The story of Newport’s University

A guide to Newport University and its history, written by Peter Brown and presented here with kind permission.

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Adrian Masters Blog – “Art College Days”

Broadcaster and journalist Adrian Masters wrote an excellent blog article about his documentary for BBC Radio Wales in which he and fellow explorers – Jo Haycock, John Selway, Richard Frame and David Hurn – picked their way through a sadly dilapidated Newport Art College.

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Jo Haycock Photography

In 2010, local documentary photographer Jo Haycock had a pop-up shop in Newport town centre.  The photographs depicting decay and neglect were all taken in 2003 when she visited the derelict Art College building in Clarence Place with broadcaster Adrian Masters, Magnum photographer David Hurn, historian Richard Frame and internationally-renowned painter John Selway.  The party had been given permission to see what had once been a thriving hub of creativity one last time, before renovation commenced to convert it into luxury apartments.

The images are sad to look at especially for those students who had studios in the building; for those who used the canteen at lunchtime or to listen to the various bands and musicians who played on the stage; for those that performed in the pantomimes; for those that watched films or attended lectures in the theatre; for those that bought supplies from the shop; and for those that participated in the various sit-ins and protests.

But they are also part of the rich history of what a traditional art college was and Newport was a fine example of that.

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Western Mail Weekend Feature, 21 March 2020

South Wales Argus, 28 March 2020

Buzz Magazine, March 2020

Western Mail, 11 April 2020

Western Mail Weekend Feature, 27 January 2024

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South Wales Argus, 10 February 2024

Former students and tutors get together for exhibition 40 years on.